Optimize a 62Mb file to 50 Mb. For WEB version

Hello. I need help. Optimize a 62Mb file to 50 Mb. For web version. Tell me how can this be done? The model is ready.

you give very little information. Very hard to make suggestions if we don’t know what the model is composed of, could you at least post a screenshot ?

Purge the model first.

The model was made in ArchiCAD. Transferred to SketchUp for WEB version download

Also, use ThomThom’s Cleanup plugin. Archicad exports have a lot of redundant faces etc.

Is this actually related to dynamic components?

I installed the Cleanup plugin, the file grew to 63.5Mb.
Maybe I’m doing something wrong? I am new to using Sketchup.
Can I send this file to someone to help me reduce it?


post a link to the file

I managed to downsize it to 49.6 Mo, merging thousands of faces but saving in 2021 version (saving in sketchup 8 version makes the file bigger).

Thanks, but my programs won’t open it. :smiling_face_with_tear:

Your title says you want the file for SketchUp for Web. Paul’s file will open in that version.

Here is a SketchUp 8 version. I removed all the materials. Many of them were too large anyway. Fix the reversed faces (in green) before you apply new materials. I also fixed the incorrect tag/layer usage, purged unused stuff and ran CleanUp3 to eliminate a bunch of unneeded geometry. This model could be simplified further still.

Model_of_the_Pyramid_of_Menkaure_SketchUp V8.skp (13.8 MB)

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Thanks, so many possibilities.