Optimal ways of Sketchup localization

I believe the previous three replies were to your calling the community passive. I think we were trying to let you know we are not a passive community, rather a community that does not know anything about translating software.

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But if we give you the answers how will you ever learn?

Answers is what I came here for. As many other forum members searching for sketchup related questions. And the answers only members of support team can give I guess.

Well, I for one only ever ask questions for which I already know the answers. That way I enjoy the pleasures of correcting people who try to help me. I get to feel like some kind of guru genius.

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forwov more modest, please.

One of the reasons that it is not done that often is perhaps because of the Eula, which makes every modified install useless when something goes haywire?

As mentioned before, I still think that the most optimal route would be to join forces with a distributor.

I am with you here. I hate localized software. I need software, of course, to let me produce content that uses my local language, but a localized interface makes it very difficult to find answers to problems, tips or any info related to the application now that everything is on the Web. My example is Archicad, the tool I use daily at work. It has been translated to quirky Finnish. Whenever I run into a problem, before starting to search for help, I have to figure out what the English for the feature would be. Finnish web resources are virtually nonexistent, even if the local distributor support is fairly good.

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Hello comunity. Found out recently that offline help documentation and turorial template in latest 23 have not changed since 2019. Do we have to localize them in order to get official installer? Do you have some kind of statistics how many users passed offline tutorial? Will you include that part into next releases?

Like your previous question about the translation template, I forwarded this question about the tutorial to the vendor. I am waiting for information from the vendor and will get back to you with an answer.

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I am 99% sure that the text in the Self-Paced tutorial is an image displayed as a watermark. The SPT itself is just a .SKP file. Youa re more than welcome to modify that file however you want to, and pass it along to any user you like. It woudl be the perfect thing to offer to your reseller.

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