Optimal Hardware for large scale models ESPECIALLIALLY WITH POINT CLOUD

I am looking at custom builds for towers, laptops, packages like Razer or ASUS offer. I have a MBP 16” 2.4 GHz 64 GB DDR4 with Windows partition and Razer Core GPU. Have tried Sapphire AMD 5700 XT. Looking at others now but with chip prices whatever. Anyhow, want to get down the road on some tech spec standards. So far looks like i7 and above are good, higher clock speed over cores, but graphics cards dont hurt. Fair assessment? Curious what setups others have. Looking at large acreage projects that need varied amount of detailed work in analysis and design

Yes to all of the above.

AMD 5600X is awesome, with 3800mhz ram.
5800x wouldnt hurt, or the newer i7s.

Highest speed SSD that you can get is really good for LayOut performance.
PCIE Gen 4 m.2 drive.

16gb RAM is fine unless you use a lot of other software at the same time.

Dont expect miracles as a lot of SKP performance is software bound, not hardware.
So no need to spend top dollar on hardware. Anything more than a RTX2070 doesnt achieve much except if you want to do rendering etc.

People I met who work with large point clouds professionally had 128 or 256 GB of RAM. For occasional use I think you don’t need quite that much but the 32GB in my work computer is perhaps not quite enough.

Can you comment on what work will you do with 3D point cloud data? Raw point cloud data processing/registration? Or does your work with point clouds begin when you receive a set of processed 3d scan data from service providers?

Well-optimized software does not require large amounts of RAM as it will always be lacking with larger projects. :slightly_smiling_face: And since there was talk of the size of the project. How do you define a large scale project? Several hundred scan positions and 50-100GB data per project, is no big these days :wink: