Optical Illusion?

Do these couplers look different to your eye? They are unique solid groups.
SU tells me they are the same measurement, 1 1/2". :face_with_monocle:

VisualDistortion.skp (141.6 KB)

See this SU file. If you can upload your SU model, it would help in checking the exact dimensions.

Coupler.skp (249.3 KB)

If you have set SketchUp’s display precision high and the tape measure and dimension tools say the couplers are the same, I would believe SketchUp. The human visual system is notorious for optical illusions, so I wouldn’t trust eyeballing them. Modern computer displays are pretty good, but there is also a chance that the horizontal and vertical scales on your display don’t match perfectly.

Model included as requested …

So I can’t trust my eyes or my computer, but SU is totally faultless. Now that’s a relief. :eyes: :roll_eyes:

Evidently so. Look at this one. Does it look better?
VisualDistortion.skp (133.2 KB)

Looks the same on my system. Guess your intimating that it looks perfect on your system? Now the real work begins on how to troubleshoot my distorted display. I did notice your file is smaller than mine.

I’m not intimating anything. In the case of the file I uploaded, I converted one end to a component and copied it to the other end. Since they are instances of the same component, they must be the same size.

Because I replaced two groups with a single component.

You neglected to comment on whether the two components look the same on your system. Does solid groups vs. solid components have any effect on this issue?

They look the same to me.

No. It wouldn’t. I could have copied one of the groups to make the other but I used a component because any change in one would be reflected in the other.

Now do they look the same? The bottom one on the lower elbow is the the left one on the upper elbow.

In your GIF, they still look different to me. Guess it’s time for an eye exam.

It seems like you are just trying to find something to blame on SketchUp. It’s easy enough to check the dimensions and see that they are the same.

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Not blaming SU, just trying to understand the visual anomaly. I think you made the case quite elegantly, it’s ME.

I opened your model and checked the depth of the two collars and found them both to be 1.5".

I measured the first picture on my Macbook Pro screen and found them to be the same with an imprecision of less than 0.5 mm.

If they look different on your screen, I would blame a display problem as you wrote.

As a test, I would suggest that you draw two perpendicular lines, one vertical and one horizontal. Zoom to have them span a maximum vertical space on your screen. Then, measure both physically with a precise ruler to see if there is a difference. If you can have access to an alternative screen, even a large TV, redo the test.

Yes, check your screen resolution, it is possible to set you screen incorrectly, circles can appear as ovals if you have it wrong.

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They don’t look the same to me.
The only thing that is wrong is the title.
Change that to Optical Illusion.

If I rotate my mobile phone 45 deg, then both ends of the elbow look the same.
If I continue rotating to 90 degrees, then the seemingly larger and smaller ends have swapped theyr “trick” on your eyes.

Probably this illusion also works on paper instead of on a screen.

If you have two elbows (or some other distraction) next to each other, (@DaveR’s example) then (to me) the illusion is gone.

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Corrected, Thanks …