Opps an error has occured No download files are available

Hi, I have a perpetual Pro Licence, latest update 2019. I have been unable to download from the 3D Warehouse for several days. The error states this “Opps an error has occured No download files are available”. Can anyone please help with how I can change this and gain access to the 3D warehouse?

Thanks, Treena

The 3D warehouse only supports direct downloads for the previous 3 years file types. It has been this way for some time. As each new year rolls around the oldest year falls off the list. Currently 2020, 2021, and 2022 are supported for direct download. SketchUp 19 support was recently terminated. You can still download warehouse model files directly to your hard drive in the collada format through a browser and then import that file into your SU 19 file.