Opening revit on mac sketchup pro

Hello, I have a Revit file from another firm, I need to open it with a sketchup pro subscription. This is a one time occurrence and i do not need to upgrade to studio just for one file. Is there any way to do this?


If you want to use the Revit importer for commercial use, then you’ll need to upgrade to Studio.
As it is Windows Only this may not be of use to you anyway.

A 2nd way, is to use Trimble connect via windows, which also does some conversion of RVT files , but again this is windows only.

Beyond SU studio on a PC, or trimble connect on a PC, I believe the issue rests with the fact that the Revit API and tools simply don’t exist on mac.

I’m not very familiar with trimble connect, done a few tours on it, but I don’t use it. could the online version import a rvt file ? or will it require an IFC ?

Revit files are proprietary. very much so. you can import them only in a few other softwares with various levels of efficiency.
I know that in archicad, you could import rva files as gdl objects, but you can only link rvt files, not actually import them.

What I mean there is, outside of mainstream solutions like the revit importer in studio for PC, the ways of importing rvt files in other non autodesk softwares is slim.

The conversion happens locally as far as I know - so you need to run the TC for Windows software to do the RVT to TRB conversion /upload

If you can’t find a solution I can convert the file for you.