Opening a sketch from google drive


I’m super new to this. I recently installed sketchup on my windows laptop. I’ve got a sketch in my google drive and am only being offered the educators version to open the file. I click on open with… and the only app populating that list is sketchup for educators. I’m not getting far there. Is that something I change in the drive and if so, HOW?


Click the download button, upper right corner if memory serves. Or right click on the file and select Download.


If you installed Sketchup, choose download and double click on the downloaded file.


The Google Drive website does not have access to your operating system (outside the browser) and does not know which applications you have installed. It seems the web version SketchUp for Educators has been added to your Google Apps, but the apps that Google Drive offers to you are not the apps that you have installed on your desktop. That’s why you need to download the file.