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I’ve probably put this into the incorrect category, so I apologies if I have.

Not related to Sketchup, but I’m wondering if someone might be able to help me with a DWG file which I have been sent, but from some reason can not open in BricsCAD.

I have a survey on Monday, and in preparation I have been sent three DWG files, so that I can print them to take to the survey, to then make notes on. Two of them have opened with no problem, so I can print these.

However, the third one is giving me issues. I even thought, and tried, inserting it into Sketchup, but it did not like it.

So, I guess what I’m asking is if someone might have a look at it to see if it can be opened, and if so, saved and sent back to me in DWG Format.

I don’t think it is overly sensitive information, but just in case I’d rather send it in a Private PM, if someone can help.

This would be greatly appreciated, especially as it is the weekend, and a Bank Holiday on Monday. Therefore, the chance of the Client resending before Monday is virtually non existent.

Many thanks and Kind regards


Have you tried opening the problematic DWG file with Autodesk DWG TrueView 2020?

It is a free DWG viewer from Auto desk … primarily for navigating between various versions of AutoCAD … but it may be helpful in this case.

Or … try opening it with FreeCAD.

If you can open the DWG with either of these … you may be able to save a version of the DWG that you can open with BricsCAD.


Have you tried inserting the .dwg into LayOut? Will LayOut open it? Maybe you could then export out a dwg or dxf from LO that Bricscad will open.

Thank you @DaveR and @egodsey

I’ve tried a number of options and @MikeWayzovski has also tried opening it in his various CAD Programmes, but to no avail.

It must be corrupt for some reason.

Back to the Client.

Have a great weekend.


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Sometimes it helps to clear a corrupted CAD file by “Ctrl-C” the drawing and “Ctrl-V” it on a new file.

Thank you Chris

Just tried this but unfortunately it did not work.

I’ll have to chase the Client for a replacement file.