Opencutlist is giving me a hard time

registers with cut list.skp (166.3 KB)
With the attached file I am trying to obtain a cutting diagram for the following material
white oak, W=4", L=6’, T=3/4"
I can get the part list and the cutting diagram if I set the material to work with 8’x4’ sheets of plywood but this is not the material I need, I need the above one
The error I am getting is opencutlist uncaught typeerror cannot read properties split of null

Not sure why I was on v1 and there was a warning asking me to update the extension to v4
I think by default you download v1 and you need to pay attention to that

Hmm, no, the downloadable version on WareHouse Extensions is always the latest.

Maybe you have installed the v1.x in the past ?