Opencutlist export Material Type

Hi There,

is there any way to export also the material type?
So if I make the Material List, I can separate/ sort by material type.
E.g. I would appreciate completely the hardware…

you have many options including a ruby filter, if you upload a sample or two, with your list preference, then can give some pointers, rather than guessing, as each sort depends on your input (5.2 MB)
So I appended the drawing and the csv file made by opencutlist.
For now I only have one Material in the drawing that will be used for hardware (in this case “gebürsteter Edelstahl” for a handle. But there may be further materials. It would be nice to sort them out to be separated from the cutlist…



you can turn the hardware section off for the report

Thanks Philipp for your quick response. But my approach would be to have one csv also with the hardware, to have the possibility in excel to filter… isn’t it possible to have a column material type?

material type is a default column in the export CSV. i use it to cross-verify my components after importing into Excel.

I don’t have it. I thaught to find it with ruby formula, but nothing:

Maybe because I have Version 2020?

I don’t have no material type :frowning: , only in the overview…

One can manually or VBA sort the results after exporting. A VBA script can create the separate lists and any schedules, keys to update a layout template

if you want separate columns based on a material, designation …
a ruby compare of a reference changed to a string to the one in question gets a result, then I guess you will sort by that column

Standard_Moebel_L.skp (5.5 MB)

it seems to be solved by the recent update of OpenCutlist.
Now you can select a column with material-type! Cool :wink: