OpenCutList doesn't understand my thickness


I drew a 15 1/2 x 1 9/16 x 1/2 (ply thickness) rectangle.

I put a miter on the end as I did with another adjoining piece. That piece registers ok in OCL as 1/2 thickness.

How do I change OCL to recognize as 1/2 ply thickness and not 1 9/16 or 1 11/16? It seems to switch between the two width and thickness that is showing in OCL and I don’t know how to change this other than redrawing the object and hoping it sees the 1/2 thickness.


forgot to include the OCL summary showing the dimensions.

It’s hard to tell from your screen shots but it appears that the geometry for that 1/2-in.-thick piece isn’t discrete. It looks like that geometry is part of a larger component. Also the faces are reversed. Why is that?

It would help if you shared your .skp file.