OpenCutList doesn't understand my thickness


I drew a 15 1/2 x 1 9/16 x 1/2 (ply thickness) rectangle.

I put a miter on the end as I did with another adjoining piece. That piece registers ok in OCL as 1/2 thickness.

How do I change OCL to recognize as 1/2 ply thickness and not 1 9/16 or 1 11/16? It seems to switch between the two width and thickness that is showing in OCL and I don’t know how to change this other than redrawing the object and hoping it sees the 1/2 thickness.


forgot to include the OCL summary showing the dimensions.

It’s hard to tell from your screen shots but it appears that the geometry for that 1/2-in.-thick piece isn’t discrete. It looks like that geometry is part of a larger component. Also the faces are reversed. Why is that?

It would help if you shared your .skp file.

Sorry it took so long to answer.

The faces are reversed is probably why I was having an issue with this. I ended up deleting and redrawing from the axis and checking after where the dimensions were placed. I guess I could have also placed them but I didn’t want to fiddle too much and mess up the entire plan.

I am not sure how it got that way and was the only piece in my entire plan that not laying in the axis correctly.

Maybe I didn’t draw it from the 3-point axis and instead in the middle of the page some place, I don’t know if that matters where I actually start drawing my object.

Face orientation of the 3D part has nothing to do with where the part is modeled. It has to do with how you do the modeling. You shouldn’t have any problem maintaining the part parallel to the axes, either. Modeling it with the geometry slightly off axis, though, will result in goofy dimensions. I expect there was also something else going on to get the dimensions you show, though. It would have been helpful to see your model before you fixed it to identify exactly what caused the dimensions you got.

I was in a time crunch and had spent too much time prior to posting. Good idea, next time I will isolate and create an upload. Before I deleted the object I took one more look and fiddled just a bit considering I was going to delete it, it didn’t matter if I messed it up further. I tried a few options I knew nothing about but it still didn’t work.