Open with Sketchup from Layout



  1. I’d like to create a planting plan page from an existing Layout page.

  2. I’d like to delete contour lines (as shown in shot) and draw planting plan symbols in Layout without contours showing on new planting plan page.

  3. I opened Layout page in Sketchup, hid the contour layer and saved the file.

  4. Going back to Layout changes were not shown.

  5. Must I delete contours (rather than hide) in Sketchup to make this new planting plan page without contour lines?



Make sure all the edges/faces in your model reside on layer 0. If it were me I would Group all the edges/faces that make up the contour you speak of and assign that Group to the “contour” layer.

You should be using scenes in SU to be passed over to LO. When you turn off visibility for the contour layer, make sure you update the scene in SU. Save the file and go back to LO, right click the viewport and select “update model reference” from the context menu.

A bit of info in case you are not familiar with how SketchUp layers work…


Or more likely for that, turn off the visibility for the contour layer and create another scene in SU. Save the file. Go back to LO and update the reference. Copy the viewport to a new page and using the “SketchUp Model” window select the new scene you just created from the scenes list.

Basically for every view you want with selected layers turned on/off you need to make a scene in SU and use the scenes in different LO viewports.


Did you update the scene after turning off the layer visibility? If not, the changes haven’t been saved in the SU model.

See above. You also need to make sure the scene does not show as modified in the SketchUp Model inspector window.

No. As above, you need to update the scene in SketchUp that is associated with the viewport in LayOut before hand. Using layers in SU to control the visibility of entities is exactly the right thing to do.


thanks for the great info. problem solved


thanks. all your suggestions solved the issue



Another issue I curious about.

  1. When I “open with sketchup” from Layout the file name changes to (see screen shot).

  2. When I then make changes in Sketchup and go save file should I delete the new reference numbers now included in front of the original file name?

In this case the original name (Scene) was “existing site plan”, but numbers before and after original name were automatically included.

  1. Is there something else I should be doing before saving?



Actually you’re opening the SketchUp file embedded in the LayOut file. What you see if the LayOut-assigned file name.

No. Don’t do anything but save the file. As long as the original file is not shown as missing in References, it will get updated by the save, too.

The only thing I can think of that some people don’t do is make sure that any style changes you might make for scenes get updated when you update the scene. Otherwise there’s nothing special you need to do when saving. Just go back to LayOut. Depending on the size of the SKP file, you might need to wait a few seconds for the updates to show in the viewports but if you use this method (open with SketchUp from LO) the viewports should get automatically updated. Do make sure that you aren’t making the scenes for the viewports show as modified in the SketchUp Model panel in LO.