Open more recent version of file when opening SketchUp file

SU2023, iMac. SketchUp works well for me and functions as it should. But when I open my SketchUp file in the morning I get a dialog box asking me if I want to open a more recent version of the file. I always save my file right before closing it so I am assuming the autosave is also saving a second later thus the “newer” version.

Is there a setting I’m missing to prevent this?

If you open the welcome screen (scroll down), do you see a recovered file?
It might be from an earlier session that went wrong.

If you click on the thumbnail, you can choose to delete it.

Probably the program crashed and it was autosaved before your last save, check if the newer version has all the elements you saved, if its an older version of the file just close that file open the one you saved and delete the autosaved version.