Open in SketchUp - GRAPH in SketchUp (SketchUp Pro)


google chrome:

  1. when I create a graph and click “Open in SketchUp”, an another window opens (…).
    When I want to configure in it, nothing happens when the sliders are moved, I always have to additionally click on the surface of the object - only then the change is made.
  2. If I close the CONFIGURE dialog box, how do I open it again?

Sketchup PRO (2023):
when I download the graph and open it in Sketchup PRO, I don’t see the CONFIGURE button in ENTITY INFO…what’s wrong?

thanks for info/help

I’m not sure about the first problem. Would you be able to share the graph?

For the second one, I think you have to import the SKP that you downloaded, into the model you are working on. Then it should have a configure option.


please see:
or directly in viewer:

I have the same problem with another graphs from other creators, for example:
or directly in viewer:

.2. Sketchup PRO (2023): I’ve tried it on another Pc and it works…

thank you

I see the same problem with it not updating, and having to reload the page if the configure panel is closed. I will ask the viewer team to take a look.

What I said about importing your downloaded model does work. Directly opening the file doesn’t give you a live component, but importing it does.

As Colin mentioned, plainly opening the Live Component from the SKP will not allow configuration. This is because you are within the Live Component, it needs that “wrapper” of the Component in order to be configured. As such importing will allow it to be configured.

As for the SketchUp viewer, I’m not sure - thanks Colin for looking looking into it.

@marwanobeidat on the web team was going to check into this. Now that I’ve tagged him he has no choice but to tell us what he finds!

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