Open image in Sketchup

I want to open an image in sketchup 2016 so I can use the eyedropper tool to get a color, but I don’t want to import it onto a surface. How is it done?

Thanks a lot!

File > Import …

Images are brought into the model, inside a component, pasted onto a face. This image component will be stuck to the cursor.

Place it somewhere temporary. Use the eyedropper tool. Then delete the image component. (You will later need to “Purge unused” components, because the image component’s definition is still in the definition list.

Import the image as “Use as image” and paste it somewhere off to the side. Right-click to select “explode” and then you can select it using the eye-dropper. Then delete it … as @DanRathbun notes, you will need to purge it as well.

Okay, much appreciated.

import the image and follow :point_right: steps

I realise the OP is on a PC, but as this is one mac feature I use often, and the mac Color panel is much maligned, I made a gif anyway…