Open Call for Beta Testers for cost estimating iOS app

So…I’ve been obsessed since July with making an iOS app and it’s now ready for beta testing.

In a nutshell…it’s an augmented reality-based cost estimating app that is inspired by our Profile Builder 2 extension for SketchUp.

I’d love to find some passionate beta testers for the app from different parts of the world. If you are interested and will provide detailed testing feedback, please PM me your name, country, and email.

Important: The minimum hardware and software requirements are iPhone 6s running iOS 11. You can also use an iPad that has an A9 processor or newer.

This round of beta testing will probably be super fast, like 2-3 days. If selected, you can expect an invitation by October 24. All testing is managed through Apple’s TestFlight app which is free from the app store. Don’t worry, you’ll get more detailed instructions if you are officially invited for testing.


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