Open 3D Warehouse Models in new SU file?

In SU 2016 when downloading a model from the warehouse you could choose to import the file into the existing model that you have open or open in a new file. Is the option to open the model in a new file gone?

This is SU2017.

Yep, so when you click “No” it saves the file rather than just opening the model in a new SU window.
Is there an option to open it directly instead of saving the file?

As far as I remember, there never has been an option ‘open in new SU window’, either in 2017 or any previous version.

You could of course start a new SU window first (on Mac, or a new instance of Sketchup on Windows) before opening the 3D warehouse.

Maybe my memory is failing me but I thought when you clicked “No” it opened in a separate window?
Not that it is a big deal to save and open the file but I was just curious.

I could be mistaken, but I don’t recall that ever being the case. As mentioned here, clicking ‘No’ will download the file. Which you can then open as it’s own model.

As John and Mike wrote, I don’t think it’s ever been any different than it is now.

When you check “No” it does open a new window - for you to use to specify where on your local disk you wish to save it!

Not what I meant @sjdorst haha :expressionless: