Opacity of Layers

Is it possible to fade or make an entire layer transparent?.. In other words; can I set the opacity like you can in Photoshop?

I think you can’t do what you’re asking for, but there’s something you can do to make layer see-through in a way that might be of use.

In the Layers palette each layer has a color associated with it. That color can have transparency (the slider is labelled Opacity). If you set the layers you want to be transparent to have a color that is not 100% opaque, you can then select Color by Layer from the upper right button in the Layers palette.

From then on anything you draw in such a layer will be immediately somewhat see-through.


Closest you get is what @colin suggest. Layers in SketchUp isn’t the same as layers in PhotoShop. In Photoshop they isolate pixel data and control z-ordering.

In SketchUp components and groups separate geometry. And there is no z-order control other than their position in 3D space.

Materials and styles are how you control visual appearance.


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