Oops! I Didn't Do It

I have a grey box in the middle of my screen in the 3DWH that reads:

  • Become a Subscriber | Oops! You need a subscription to use Image Search | [Try SketchUp]

There is an X in the upper right corner to close the box. I would post a pic along with this, but for some reason, I am no longer able to upload images.

The first time I saw this box, I just assumed I had clikked on something accidentally, and dismissed it.

The second time I saw it, I was pretty sure I hadn’t even touched the mouse between the time I looked away to do something else and the time I looked back again.

Third time I saw it, I refreshed the page, sat and waited to see how long before it appeared, because by then I knew it was not because of something I had done. But… I got tired of waiting.

This evening, I got up from the desk to go eat dinner. When I returned after eating and cleaning up… WHAM!!! Here’s that box back again.

I have no kids or cats to be messing around with my computer. To the best of my knowledge, I have no ghosts, gremlins or poltergeists pulling paranormal pranks on me.

How do I stop it? Or is it a glitch that no one’s noticed yet?

The 3D warehouse has been experiencing some problems since yesterday, there’s nothing you can do about it, it must be fixed by Trimble but I’m not sure when will they be able to do it since it’s weekend and holiday.

This is the problem. You are not a Suscriber as your profile confirms. Image search is only available for suscription users

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Whether I’m a subscriber or not is not the issue. That box should only come up if one cliks on the Image Search button. It apparently is, as @francisquitof has indicated, one of the many issues that have cropped up since the end of August with all the revamping of the 3DWH. I posted asking about it mostly in case no one knew that box/message was just randomly popping up.