OnSave layout

Hi everyone. Is there a method to capture onSave Layout? Or do you know how can I do it?

Can you elaborate a bit more what you mean?

In the same way this exists:

def onSaveModel(model)
  puts "onSaveModel: #{model}"

I want to know if there is a function to capture the save event in the Layout.
I understand that the previous function :arrow_up: it just works for Sketchup context.

Without having tested this specific case, I believe the LayOut API is designed to be used (at the moment) only in SketchUp and only programmatically.

While a ModelObserver on the SketchUp model catches “save” events when the user (through the GUI) or any script saves the model to a file, the user usually does not save the LayOut document through the GUI. If your script is the only script editing a LayOut file (in SketchUp), it knows when it saves the LayOut file programmatically and does not need to be notified. (Does that make sense?)


Can you provide some context for why you’d want such event?