i implemented a onMouseLeave in my class (tool), right after onMouseMove,

but what ever i do, it does not start the puts statement,
when a mouse selects a sketchup menu (where i expect, it is the situation , where it should).

is there any trick for it to make both.

def onMouseLeave(view)


def onMouseEnter(view)


thanx in advance for you help…


Please follow the post rules. And try to post an example

sorry, just forgot the formatting…
and i could solve the problem - my mistake.
i had already one definiton for mouse leave inserted and oversaw it. it had priority, that is why the new input did not react.


Yes … Ruby is a dynamic language. This means methods can be redefined at runtime.
You’ve just learned a valuable lesson about the dynamic redefinition of methods.

What I do to help prevent making such mistakes is put my methods in alpha order by method name within classes and submodules.

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