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Hi everyone, I have a question I have been working with SU Pro doing various Interiors and one House Design for about 3 months now, having done a few jobs for friends and family and now that I have my website up and running I am wanting to reach out to a broader audience to find work, preferably in interior rendering. I have spoken to Houzz and another Trade Websites here in Australia and they do not know what category I should be in. I am not an Architect nor Interior Designer I have been an apparel designer for decades so am pretty artistic I would prefer to work with renovations and new builds for these professionals. Not sure what to call myself? or where I should be listed to get exposure any suggestions? thanks in advance. regards Maria

Graphic Artist ?

@Tathan, possibly Architectural Illustrator.
Good luck.

Curious why the group blocked any way Frank I do not need to Skype or email you for this info. That is a bit creepy.

Thanks Lindsey for your input Cheers Maria