Online export to image file

Still having a great time with web base Sketchup, but here’s another question. How do you export to an image file? I don’t see anything in the scenes options, the file options, etc. For now I’ve been doing screenshots, but those are cluttered with extra stuff like the sidebars.

As I mentioned in another post, the SketchUp for Schools version has an export to .png function, but it looks like someone accidentally left it out of the SU Free version. I can’t think of any good reason why it’s missing.

On my keyboard I have a key labeled [Print Scr]. When I press it (actually on my keyboard I have to press a [FN] key too) I get every pixel (except the mouse pointer on the screen into the computer’s “clipboard” memory. If I do that I can paste the clipboard into just about any image manipulation software and even int some applications.
If I press [Alt] + [FN] + [Print Scr] I get just the window that is in focus.

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