Online Classroom setup


Due to the pandemic I’m looking to create the best setup for our SketchUp training.
We have small groups of up to 10 people.

I just tested a really good and cheap home setup.

All you need is to install Discord and OBS with VirtualCam2 plugin. It would cost 9.99 a month if you want FHD quality.

You could use only Discord, but then you can’t stream web cam and some CAD software doesn’t work with it directly, as it is built more for game streaming.

  • The instructor could stream from his PC in FHD quality and 30 FPS + WebCam
  • All people can participate in a Voice and Text chat.
  • The instructor and the participants can see all other user screens when questions come up. Instructor could use a second PC to make this easier.
  • This works on both Windows and Mac. Participants have a choice to watch stream from a mobile phone or tablet as well. Best if they have two monitors.

So far I see this as the best solution. We will test it again tomorrow with a bigger group. Any suggestions?

What is your setup?

Due to the poor performance of the computers in the computer lab at the school where we meet for First Robotics one of the mentors set up an arrangement through Paperspace to run OnShape. This provides much better performance when working with the files for the entire robot assembly. I don’t know a lot about Paperspace but it might be worth looking into for your situation.