One small but slow file

I have this one file, it’s just 12,7 mb, of a really simple building. This particular file is slow to work with, much slower than my other projects that are usually around 40-50mb. it’s slow to manipulate objects, to close out of components, and navigation is sometimes lagging. File is attached.

Any ideas?

The only thing I can think of that is different from the rest of my files is that the construction/ steel component was imported from ifc via the trb (TrimBim) format.
BTF.skp (12.1 MB)

I downloaded and opened the BTF.skp file on my machine without any problem. And it did not appear to be unusually slow. But I did notice one workflow issue that may be a bit problematic: Almost all of the scenes have the Camera in either Parallel Projection or Two-Point Perspective mode. Nothing odd or problematic about that in and of itself, of course … because almost ALL of the scenes used in LayOut to generate construction drawings will be in Parallel Projection. But what might be problematic is if you are trying to work/manipulate the model in Parallel Projection mode. It has been my experience that SketchUp seems to “work better” in Perspective mode … and by that I mean that it is faster, less problem with clipping, etc. Thus, I always have a “Working Scene” that is in Perspective mode … and I do essential ALL of my work in that scene. This has the added advantage of preventing me from inadvertently modifying a scene that is “all set up” for LayOut.
230901A_BTF.skp (12.1 MB)

I work a lot in parallel too, and it doesn’t bring that many issues, especially in a file this simple. You start having issues in interior spaces (off course) and in big files where the orbit starts being a bit too sensible.

But the “working” scene is a good advice, for any project. I usually have one in parallel and one in perspective, allowing me to snap from one mode (and set of parameters) to another.

I think you have a text problem.

Recently we’ve seen another similar case where the user complained about having difficulties to simply zoom in, out, orbit, just move around. and his file was full of 2d text lines that looks like text

Your file looks like you’ve made the whole file ready to print in sketchup. I’m guessing you just place the scenes in layout, adjust the scale and print.

But all the 2d lines and labels and dimensions are supposed to be made in layout, in 2d, not in sketchup. They seems to gradually slower SU. Especially since your text isn’t text but line segments (dimensions are SU made here)

Plus, looking at the texts like the one above, they are lines in a component in a group in a component in a component.
Capture d’écran 2023-09-01 à 09.41.42

so yeah, I would remove all the 2d superfluous stuff, dashed lines, labels, dimensions, and add them only in layout
(the symbols for doors and the squares showing possible furnitures inside can stay, they aren’t heavy or annoying at all for SU)

Here is the file after a quick Tag purge (lots of lines and faces were on tags, I suppose from the IFC) and removing all the elements supposed to be in layout.
Does it feel faster ?

BTF clean .skp (11.9 MB)

The model is fast on my machine.

For what it’s worth I did a CleanUp




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thanks for looking at the file.

  • I do break the “all geometry to untagged” for some very special occasions. Never had a problem with that, although I agree it should be done with the utmost caution. I dont think this is affecting performance?
  • I usually dont need “working scenes”, I do work in perspective, and thats just a keyboard shortcut away. Setting up static scenes for Layout seems old-fashioned to me, I have no problems with geometry shifting in Layout anymore, as I always work with camera location disabled/overridden for all viewports. That workflow just works beautifully in every way. I do agree it’s a good to have a working scene with a really fast style if the other scenes have complicated styles.
  • The text is generated by the “Flat text” extension, not a good extension, but there’s no big line count penalty from these simple types. I do intent to know my reference system while working, and grid lines are essential to precise planning. They certainly should not be drawn in Layout, as all measurements should refer to the building grid, and therefore the building grid needs to be in the model. Never had a problem with that in itself bogging down the model, but I used “Editable 3D text” before…
    -I will try setting a faster style for the scenes I use the most, although I almost never use profiles or other cool effects in my styles.
  • I too used “CleanUp” now, and that helped some, for reasons I cannot understand, as the model is reduced by only 0,5 mb. Usually, on much larger models, I will have selected a face the very instance I click on it, but still not here, on the models you guys have provided.

Thanks. Its still a bit of a mystery :slight_smile:

The file works quickly on my Mac, even without doing any cleanup.

I did notice that Components takes some time to open the first time. You do have a lot of components, I wonder if it would work better for you if Components was closed.

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well after the 23.1 update I cannot replicate this file having issues, and I dont need to know why :slight_smile: