One page in Layout document appears corrupted

I’m working on a layout document that has suddenly become unresponsive, but only on a single page. I am unable to turn layers on and off and it basically seems frozen. All the other pages in the document seem unaffected. My suspicion is that the problem was created by when someone opened up a second instance of the file on another computer from dropbox. Any thoughts about what went wrong and how to fix it?



Seems very odd. Did you think about uploading the file at all?

Look at the references for that page. Are any of them have shown as missing? If so, you might try relinking them to the original files. If necessary put the original references on your computer before relinking to them.

After you get that sorted, save the LO file on your local drive. If you need to put it on a network drive, unlink the references to embed them and then save it.

Also make sure that none of the references point to temp files.

I am having this problem also , but only on saved LayOut files where I have exported a one page PDF. I insert SU files, move/copy and use Scenes to select or change images. I sometimes use copy/past from the right click, or Cont C/Cont V to copy a viewport to another page. I double click on images and enlarge/move all the time. I am not technically oriented, so do not know how to use other options mentioned above, like render.

I have been creating LO documents for a couple years now with no problem, and exporting PDFs, including on these same project files with no problem, same drawings, until I exported only one page of the file as a PDF. This last time, after having to go back to a past version and re-do several pages, I saved several copies of my LayOut file, and marked one as the file I would export the one page PDF, and yup, that one is the one that opened the next day with the exact same corruption problem - images gone, text box lines all going to upper left corner, remaining text on page with pink background, and the yellow triangle. The saved files, not exported from, were fine (thankfully). I am only getting this problem on pages of my LO file that are line drawings, created on SU as flat red/green drawings , not the color images of 3D models. .

I should add that I am an individual working out of a home office, no tech help resources.

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