One hit import of multi page DWG

The ability to import DWG Page Space into LO means that you can often reproduce exactly what you see in the DWG original. But it would be nicer still if the import facility had this additional functionality:

  1. The ability to recognize paper size automatically and choose the appropriate one in LO;

  2. The ability to centre the imported image to the LO page automatically;

  3. The ability to import all DWG sheets as separate pages in LO in one operation.

Having said that, I think I would have come a cropper with the attached archive drawing that I have just imported into LO. For some reason, every time I try to import sheet 11, LO crashes. Other pages are fine, subject to some text distortion in one block.

working_april09.dwg (482.2 KB)

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Seconded. Would like to add that model space import option would also be welcome.

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