onClick SET events not in Sync

I have built a wall that simulates a SmartWall. It’s four windows and one door panel. When I click on the door it opens like I want, when I click on the windows, the materials changes like I want, but not all at the same time.

Here are the onClick commands:
SET(“Door!ChangeGlass”,“20% Grey Glass”,“95% Grey Glass”);
SET(“SmartGlass1!ChangeGlass”,“20% Grey Glass”,“95% Grey Glass”);
SET(“SmartGlass2!ChangeGlass”,“20% Grey Glass”,“95% Grey Glass”)

The order of change is SmartGlass2, then Door, then SmartGlass1. Each is a fraction of a second apart.

Is there a way to make these three items change at the same time?

You could use one onclick attribute, say item
Then in the material of the object (referenced if further nested)
=Choose(parent!item,“20% Grey Glass”,“95% Grey Glass”)

Not only do you spell your first name correctly :grinning:, you provide excellent advice. I would not have thought to use CHOOSE, but it does exactly what I want. Thank you!!

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