On Startup of SKP 2019 - "SketchUp cannot start due to a license error."

Thanks for your reply, @TheGuz.
How do I contact the support leads? Is there a direct contact for us resellers?

I can volunteer to be the support lead. Several of use have worked on this, but I’m the one most involved at the moment.

I actually wanted to track you down anyway, you may well be the first person to report a Mac showing the error!

We’re heading into a three day weekend, but if you’re free to do a screen share over the weekend, let me know.

I see that it’s one of your customers. If they are on Windows I can still try to help them, but if it’s Mac that would have been good, it might lead to some new ideas.


Thank you for your support, @colin .
The customer is on Windows and the problem can be replicated.
If you DM we can organize a TeamViewer session.

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