Offset tool wont' allow overlap

I have a polygon representing the interior dimensions of a house. Trying to use the offset tool to create the outline of the exterior walls. However, as soon as the offset line overlaps itself (there is an interior wall that causes it), the whole outline disappears. How can I allow overlapping?

NM - I have absolutely no idea what I did, but it’s working now. I did select it from the dropdown tools instead of the toolbar as I was fidgeting around … no clue if that made a difference… But if anyone knows exactly what went wrong, I would still love to know before this happens again!

The latest version of SketchUp (2017 and maybe also 2016) fixed the ‘Offset’ tool’s operation to eliminate overlapping offset areas and their edges.
If you still need an overlapping area and its edges you’ll need to use an older version.

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