OFFSET not constant in Layout 2018

The newly offset tool in layout 2018 does not work correctly.

If you try to offset a rectangle by 50mm for instance, the offset is not equal on all sides: it is 50mm on the small sides and less on the other, as if it is trying to maintain the proportions of the rectangle.

Am I the only architect who doesn’t expect or want this behaviour from an offset tool?

Trimble, give us at least the option to toggle between keep proportions and constant offset.

I hadn’t used the offset tool in LO (useful to know about though.

Why can’t I reproduce your problem?

Like Simon, I’m not seeing it, either. I tried a number of different rectangle sizes and the same 50mm offset each time. It always measured up just fine. I’d have expect if it was going to happen that it might be when the offset distance is very near half the side length but…

Hi guys and thank you for your feedback. I found the reason for the behaviour at my end.

If you create a new rectangle and try to offset that, it will offset correctly.
However, if you scale that rectangle first (which i often have to do) and then try to offset it, it will offset it incorrectly. The result is as if you scaled the above rectangle and its offset together as one object. I hope this makes sense…

This should really not happen.

There’s a little piece of important information. And you’re right. It probably shouldn’t happen.

@Marc, is it a bug or a feature?

I am hoping it is not a feature as one has no control over it whatsoever, it is totally counter-intuitive and would not allow me to draw correct offsets irrespective of how I generate my shapes.

Hi guys, I might be able to shine some light on the issue.

This is related to a bug we have in our rectangle tool and is not an issue with the Offset tool. When a Rectangle is drawn with the Rectangle tool (includes rectangle, rounded, bulged and lozenge) and then manipulated by dragging an edge in one direction or another, once the manipulated shape is offset you will see the issue described.

So not a feature but a bug in our rectangle manipulator.

A shape that is drawn with the line tool, circle or polygon then manipulated do not exhibit this issue.



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