Offset is limited

In order to make my sketches work with sheet metal Solidworks when exported to dxf, I am attempting to make them into Solids. This has proven quite difficult. I used the Flatten and Unwrap Faces tool to make a flatpak, and then the Push/Pull tool to create a thickness of 1.2mm (18 gauge) that will allow the shape to become a Solid.
While my first managed to work after some struggle, my second part is stuck with the error “Offset is limited to ~1.91mm”:

What is going on and how to fix this?

As a general addendum, it’s unfortunate that while woodworkers seem to be able to use SketchUp quite enthusiastically no matter what I draw on SketchUp, sheet metal workers have difficulties and I need to redesign and modify my drawings to hope to be able to communicate with their software.
test.skp (134.3 KB)

You’re trying to push multiple connect faces. It’s doing what it’s supposed to do. Delete the edges at the fold lines before extruding the surface. Or, for the second and third Push/Pull operations tap Ctrl before extruding. And then erase the edges top and bottom to get rid of the internal faces so the thing will be solid. You’ll have to also trace over an edge in the center section to create a face on the bottom. Then select the geometry and run Intersect Faces and then delete the skins over the holes.

My preference would be to do it the simple way and just delete those fold lines and extrude the entire surface in one step.