Offset fractions of inch not working

Hi, I’m Daniel. Working through the getting started YouTube content (no. 3) in Sketchup Make 17.2.2554, I have an issue with offsets.
Expressed as a decimal (0.5"), typing the offset works fine. Expressed as a fraction (1/2") causes the selected rectangle to rotate 90 degrees.

Could you upload the SketchUp file that shows this?

Hi Dave,
I didn’t keep it - it was drawn and measured precisely according to the instructions in Getting Started no.3

I attempted a quick example (attached), where I started an offset of a rectangle and specified " 1/2" “. It didnt rotate, but then it did not give 1/2” either.

Any thoughts?
Kind regards,

DaveExample.skp (79.6 KB)

One thing comes to mind. You have units set to meters. If you want to make an offset of 1/2 inch, set the units to Fractional or Decimal inches. Also turn off length snapping and set the precision higher. see Window>Model Info>Units.

Thank you very much for your observations.
I am a little confused though, the tutorial (no 2) does not even suggest changing the units, and actually suggests typing in inches and centimetres - this generally worked fine.
Are you a Google/Sketchup representative as such - is there somewhere else I need to report a bug if it persists?
Thanks again.
Best regards,

No. I’m just a SketchUp user and a Sage here. Google has nothing to do with this.

In most cases, just adding the units works fine but because you’ve selected decimal metric units, fractional doesn’t apply. I don’t know that this is a bug, though. It’s been a thing since at Least Sketchup 3.

There’s a bug when using imperial (foot/inch/fractional) measurements in the Measurement box when model units are set to any metric unit.

See SU doesn't recognise fractional inches (e.g., 1/2") as an imperial measurement when units are mm

for some of my observations about this.

You shouldn’t ever get a rotation, instead of an offset, as a result of anything you type, but if you just type 1/2 when units are set to (for example) cm, you get 1/2 a centimetre.

If you use 1/2" you’ll probably get half an inch.

But use a mix of feet and inches with inch marks ("), or mix inches and fractions, and you get a confused mix of inches or feet, and mulitples or fractions of the metric units!

Seriously bugged.

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