Offline Installation


I am trying to install sketchup on a computer that is not connected to internet.

I can save the file and run it, however then it seems to need access online to some Microsoft licence?

How can I install offline?



BTW: the forum search box does not work, when you press enter nothing happens, so apologies if this topic is already covered.


Hi @wcndave

SketchUp doesn’t require you to be online to install but you do may to have some Microsoft libraries installed for our installer to work. Specifically SketchUp requires .NET 4.0. To look up an installer for what you need could you confirm which version of Windows you have installed and if you’ve installed any of the system updates on that system?

Regarding the search box, the search results are dynamically shown below the query. If there are no results then it remains blank so you probably just had nothing to click or see in your search. This is the first time this question has been asked in our new forum so you’re fine. (c:


It’s got windows 7 installed. As the computer is offline, it has had no updates ever.

Sounds like that’s going to be an issue…


Well, Windows 7 should be up to current with the libraries we need so I would expect it to work.

Could you snap a picture of the error message you get and attach it to a post? I’m curious about your wording of “Microsoft licensing” as it’s different than the library issues I’d expect.


OK, when I get out to my workshop I will do that.

I can’t move the machine to update as it’s inside an arcade cabinet, thanks for your quick and helpful responses!