Odd size and position behavior

I’m new to resizable components and I’m trying to build a dynamic component of a sliding door of sorts. I’ve been getting this strange behavior that I’ve been living with, but I can’t figure it out and it’s super annoying so I’m looking for some help or explanation. It also happened with a window I built before this.

This happens when I’m editing the position and size attributes of a component. I’ll add all of the size and position attributes in the panel before I edit any of them, as opposed to one at a time, and I’ll usually start with the size attributes; in case the process has an impact.

The problem is that when I edit LenX of a nested component and hit enter, the parent bounces off into space having changed position on all three axes. I can continue entering position and size for all the pieces/components and they look and work as expected. When I move the parent back along the X axis to the appropriate spot, either in the moment or when I’m done entering info, the whole thing bounces back to the correct position - not just X, but Y and Z as well. I’m pretty sure I’m entering the correct numbers and references because in the end the overall component works correctly.

I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong or if this is just something that happens and I’ve got to put up with it. Thanks for any help.

For that you wwould need to provide the DC for others to explore. Please upload it (the file containing the DC) to this thread.

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Like @g.h.hubers said, without the file we can only guess.

Thanks g.h. and Mike. Here’s the file, meant to upload it with my post. If you take a closer look, I’d appreciate any suggestions toward building it more efficiently if I can.

Sliding Door1.skp (821.9 KB)

Nice Model!
In the MMSD_Slidingpanel, I added two custom attributes:

SlidingDistance and SlidingLength
the length is set to the width of the panel and the SlidingDistance is the attribute that gets changed when using the Onclick behavior attribute.
that distance is ‘animated’ from zero to SlidingDistance and subtracted from the PosX:

MidMod_SlidingDoor.skp (865.1 KB)

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Thanks Mike! That is really helpful, much appreciated.

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