Oblique cylinder

How do I make an oblique cylinder in SketchUp, as in the following image?

You mean you want to cut the top of the bucket with that curve? Is it curved or is it a straight cut? What do you need from the model? Is it just to use as entourage in a larger model or are you planning to use it as a pattern for making your own? Or something else?

If it doesn’t need to be real highly detailed I would draw a cutter shape and use it to trim the top of the cylinder. Make sure the bucket and the cutter are solid components or groups and use the Solid Tools. The cutter shape could have a curve to it. Quickie example.

Poking on Amazon I found a different view of the thing. It looks to me as if the top edge of the thing is cut as part of a sinusoidal curve before it is rolled into a cylinder. If you need that kind of detail I would draw the thing essentially flat and use Thom Thom’s True Bend to bend it into the cylindrical shape.


See this SU file for ideas.

Bucket with rounded lid.skp (252.9 KB)

Solid tools.

  1. Create a cylinder, turn it 90°

  2. Create another cylinder.

  3. Trim the second one with the first one which was turned 90 degrees.

  4. Finish out other details.