Objects change size when I try to render them in vray

This occurs when I spawn objects with this extension:
extensions.sketchup com/en/content/canvas

http://i.imgur.com/R5UN9Io.jpg (vray on the left, maxwell on the right)

su 2015

vray 2

maxwell renders it correctly, but Indigo renders it the same way as Vray

Is the camera set to Parallel Projection in Sketchup?

it’s set to Perspective

Did you try contacting someone from Vray? Seems like the problem might be on their end and not a technical problem with SketchUp itself.

the problem is replicated in other renderers too, not only vray

I’ve seen many cases where the groups or components that are scaled too much when they were brought in scaled from another program (Rhino) showing such results.

one work around to this would be to actually explode them and render.
if you can confirm that they render fine, then you can group them again individual or all together to avoid floating geometries.

Exploding does indeed work, but it’s extremely not optimal when working with more complex objects and in high numbers

That is true.
I was trying to get to the bottom of this as it was really annoying.
Were you getting this error because you have imported those geometry from another application?
or were they just scaled many times by you?

You might just need to right click and Scale Definition.

Scale Definition doesn’t work for case of groups (though you can enable that with Thomthom’s plugin)

And when i experienced this issue, scale definition didn’t help.
I do not know why, but it almost felt like it is corrupted scale data that was carried in from other application.

Scale Definition doesn’t work in my case as well

I used Extension | SketchUp Extension Warehouse , it scatters the selected element with varying sizes, but when rendered, objects scale remain the same as the initial object that was scattered.

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This might be something that Vray team needs to take a look at. Because SketchUp and Vray normally respects scale changes.

I don’t think it is the actual “scale change” of the geometry. More of the data it contains that is corrupted causing Vray to render incorrectly.

Hi I still have this problem (2024), did anyone find a solution?