Objects "auto mirroring". cannot edit individually, please help

i’ve imported an old c6 corvette model and have been playing with it to learn the ropes. i’ve been trying to edit the wheels for some time now, but they seem to be linked in some way that will not let me edit individual wheels, i assumed this was something to do with the dynamic component setting on theses wheels, but i couldn’t do anything with them, so i gave up and built a whole new wheel and tire, intending to fix them one at a time. copied and pasted the new wheel and tire into the corvette model and there are four mirrored tires again! i cannot get them to go away to save my life!! please help!!

Are the tires components? You can make them unique to modify them one by one.

Did you paste in two tires? It could be that the whole car is a component. When modelling something like this, people may model just half of the car, and make it into a component and mirror the other half. So whatever you do on one half, it’ll appear on the other half.

Click … Window > Entity Info
The Entity Info box identifies selected entities and also enables you to edit many of their properties.
Given the proper name of the entity you can search for relevant help articles and video tutorials.
Here’s a head start on working with components.