Object not printing correctly

I’ve designed a quad frame in Sketchup, and then exported it for printing, this is normally fine and I don’t have issues.

Using Cura, I set the print up and started printing, and found that I have issues with one of the parts, so I stopped the print
Cura (in normal mode) shows no issues, but once put into layers, it shows the issue.

Both other plates are copied and modified from the one with issues, and I can’t figure out the issue. Might be a dumbdumb, but I am very confused.

220 all plates.skp (1.5 MB)

Any help would be appreciated. :slight_smile:


I’d start by cleaning up the model.

You have reversed faces, internal faces, and stray edges still around… as well as 147 guide points set in place.

The Fix:
Reverse Faces: reverse them back via the reverse face command

Internal Faces, and Stray Edges: can be selected and deleted.

Guide Points: run the Delete Guides command.

This can all be automated with the ‘Solid Inspector 2’ extension. . . but you should at least get familiar with fixing things manually, before leaning too much on an extension to bail you out of trouble. (the idea being that manual know how makes you a better modeler).

Get in the habit of selecting your raw geometry, and grouping it together. . . from there (while its still selected) look at the ‘Entity Info’ results. You want to see it’s classification read as a ‘Solid Group’, and not just a ‘Group’.

Also look at the ‘Statistics’ data that’s reported in the ‘Model Info’ window. That will get you a good idea as to the full contents of your model… although this doesn’t necessarily pinpoint problems the way that ‘Entity Info’, and the results from the ‘Solid Inspector 2’ extension do, it’s just extra info that can sometimes help you gain some insight into your models.

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Ahhh, thank you!

I’m not sure how a lot of those faces reversed, I probably did something silly.
Model was tidied up, and now looks like it will print fine, it’s warming up now.

I’m still learning lots on this program, and it’s always a new curve each time I use it.
I appreciate the time you took to help and explain it to me.