Object area moved or deleted in models hierarchy


Haven’t had this problem before. Every time I open this job and all the previous saves in this job I get this message:

The object area “Foundation” has been deleted or removed in the models hierarchy, please select it again.

When I press OK, sketchup freezes for a while. Then the message pops up again. I cant even close sketchup, without opening Task manager and forcing a shut down. I have been using Skatter and think I may have named a group “foundation” I have downloaded SU2016 with out any pluggins and try and open the file with the same results.

Cheers for any help



It definitely sounds like a plugin issue to me. Reinstalling SketchUp will not remove installed plugins. Open a new empty model and check in the Preferences>Extensions window if you see Skatter there and try turning it off before trying to re-open this one.

Just a suggestion


I agree with @Anssi - I think that message is being posted by an extension/plugin, not SketchUp itself.

Hi Guys

Thanks for your response. I agree that it does look like a pluggin problem. But I installed SU 2016 pro with no pluggins and the same problem happens. Previously I had been opening the file with SU 2015 pro with loads of pluggins.

This is indeed a message from Skatter.

You have a Skatter setup in your model in which you picked a group/component (named “Foundation”) as a Host. Now Skatter can’t find it anymore, and it’s telling you.

Open the setup in Skatter, and pick the group again.

Or send me the file to support@getskatter.com

Thanks Jiminey

I solved the problem by updating your plugin. It stopped the crashing.
By the way, AMAZING work you have done. Its the missing link alot of use have been waiting for.