OBJ export 2021

Anyone else having OBJ export issues with 2021.

I have a simple house model.

My usual workflow is to export part of the project as separate OBJ files so that I can render in Octane studio.

I check box export selected only. so that I can easily switch between design options and speeds up the update process.

This keeps my SU files free of complex mats.

The process works no problem in 2020.

With 2021 simple groups export, but anything more complex refuses to export to Obj.

I can make it work by isolating all and then exporting the model without export select only.

I’ve resorted to exporting the file back to 2020 and then exporting which is less than optimal.

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Tengo el mismo problema y no sé como solucionarlo.
En la versión de 2020 funcionaba la exportación perfectamente, pero en la nueva versión de 2021 no exporta por grupos seleccionados.