OAuth HTMLDialog redirect

I am here again ! Hello.

Why can’t redirect in htmldialog?
Hope to hear from you, very grateful.

I haven’t done any client-side js recently. I did run some code trying the above uri’s.

‘Redirect’ was a bad choice, as that often refers to a connection/host/http issue.

I think the problem may be when the OAuth code opens a second window from within an HtmlDialog.

In a normal browser, using OAuth from ‘AppVeyor, a second ‘modal’ style browser window is opened. When one does that with an HtmlDialog in SU, it opens a separate window in one’s default browser.

Trying the OAuth from ‘https://bintray.com’, within an HtmlDialog, it does appear to work, but I didn’t actually login.

I used those two sites because they both used GitHub OAuth… What problem are you having?

i just want to redirect in HTMLdialog.As you say, using OAuth from ‘AppVeyorin SU HTMLDialog,But it dose not work and no error in console.it make me trouble.