Nvidia GPU settings

I am a university sysadmin trying to optimize gpu performance for my users.
I am working with Nvidia GPUs.
I would like to build a custom profile for Sketchup that has optimal settings.
In the Nvidia control panel Sketchup appears in the list of programs and has settings for each feature. However, a lot of the features default to the global setting.
Is there a document available that would provide preferred feature settings for Sketchup Pro 2023.
I would like to compare with defaults to make sure I have everything set for best performance.



The most important thing is that SketchUp should be set to use the Nvidia card. Automatic selection doesn’t work here, as Windows seems to prioritize power saving which most often leads applications to default to integrated graphics. In the Nvidia control panel this is either a popup menu at the top of the 3D application settings page for SketchUp or the “OpenGL rendering GPU” setting further down on the list. Antialiasing and Anisotropic filtering should be set to “Application controlled”.

Thanks, I appreciate the information.
Good suggestion on the manual selection of graphics card.
I have had issue with several apps.


I’ve tried some settings on the Nvidia control panel, but I haven’t really noticed a better performance or quality with the different settings I chose. It’s probably well optimized by default.