Number boxes

Does anybody know how to apply number lables to each box sequentially.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
see attached file
would have shared file but cant seem to remember how ?

What kind of boxes? You posted this topic in the SketchUp category, so I assume the issue concerns SketchUp itself rather than LayOut. Files can be posted by simply dragging them into the topic editing area while creating a topic or reply. You could post the SKP SketchUp file if you have one and it is less than 15MB or so (otherwise upload it to a file sharing service such as DropBox, make it publicly available, and then post a link to the file in a reply). Or take a screen capture of what you are seeing and post that.

If they are regularly spaced in either a straight line or a circular arc, you could try the plug-in Number rules and scales from the SketchUcation Plug-in Store.

thanks, i downloaded and it shows up in in extension manager but i dont know how to make use of it. I dont use extensions much so I am stuck on how to use it.

Draw > Number Rules and Scales and select one of the three submenus: Draw Linear Numbers, Draw Radial Numbers, Help

Is this any good ? - by Didier B
numbers sequentially though never got the leaders to show properly. Have used it to number stair goings and number grids.
If anyone can assist on how to show leaders better any advice appreciated.

Until such time as the OP actually tells us what they need, with images and a model, everything is a random guess.


I agree with @Box. We’re just guessing at what you are really after. Might not need an extennsion at all. The image below was done with nothing but native tools. The leader text on top was added in SkethUp, the ones on the bottom were added in LayOut.

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