Not to scale PDF prints

My PDF exports are not to scale. I have checked parallel projection and measured the dimensions on my model but the PDF print dimensions differ. I am submitting plans for local authority planning permission to modify a building, they no doubt will reject plans not to scale

Besides using parallel projection, have you set the scale correctly?
What are you using to print? PDF applications like Adobe Viewer might default to “fit to page” mode that reduces your whole PDF page to fit within the printer’s margins. No scaling or equivalent would be the correct setting.

As an aside, using LayOut to set up your drawing sheets gives you more control and a more professional-looking output with a proper title block etc.

Are you working directly from SketchUp or using LayOut?

Thanks, Guys, I “cracked it” almost by accident. I had been attempting to make a PDF from Layout and am using Adobe Acrobat DC.

I checked the scale and so on. What fixed my problem was toggling ortho on/off. I have no idea why that worked it was just one of the things I did during my checking process.

Thank you for your almost immediate response, it was a great reassurance to me that there were several people out there willing to help

Hi Dave R.
Thanks, as I said earlier, I toggled ortho on the camera setting in Layout then exported another PDF and the scale on that was perfect.