Not letting me Print to PDF

When I try to print to PDF, its states that my acrobat needs to be activated. Running an older version of Arcobat pro that is legit and is registered. Can I override this and just use the free and new Acrobat reader? Not sure how to get this up and running as I’ve never had problems with it until now. I will try to activate the program again but not sure how. Any one every have this problem?

What version of SketchUp are you using. Please complete your profile.

Just upgraded to 2020 pro. Had the same problem from 2019. Just found a fix to get my Adobe acrobat pro X up and running. That might be the problem but i don’t know yet. Is there a setting in sketch up where I can control the printing.

If you are trying to print to PDF and open the PDF, you’ll need an up to date PDF reader/viewer.

What happens if you use LayOut?

Are you still using Windows 7 as your profile indicates?

Your right. Need to update my profile. I’ve upgraded to Windows 10 pro. Never used Layout but I need to get on that. It looks awesome. And, my pdf printer is now working. I restarted everything. Hope is stays that way.