Not able to sign in warehouse or extension warehouse

I was testing version 2016 and when Pro-version changed to normal, I am not able to sing in warehouse.
At once there comes Authentication Error: Something went wrong during the authentication process. Please try signing in again.
Same problem is now with both versions 2015 and 2016!!!

Because I have not Pro version anymore, they refuse to help???

This has been covered ad nauseum here on the forum. A simple search will yield many results. Here’s a starting point. Can't log into Extension Warehouse

I can open warehouse in iexploder but not in program.
For some reason Application folder is access denied, but full control
“ticked” is to files, which files I am not able to see.
I am not able find how I can able to overcome and get access to folder.
That can be a problem as recently installed extension gives failure.

Br Timo

Dave kirjoitti 15.4.2016 16:45:

Hei, I found Lockhunter from web and unlocked folder. When I searched my own models, warehouse signed itself to my account and now everything works fine

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