Not able to save sketchup to the Network drive

Hi, When i work on sketchup and save to the local drive, it saves perfect. but if i’m working on the network and hit the save button i get, CFileException 0 and it doesn’t save. this is only a recent issue, as we have always worked on the network and never had a problem saving.

Although you never had problems before, it is not recommended that you save to a network drive. It can cause a lot of trouble.

Not sure what that error means but I save all the time to both a Google drive and to a Network drive with no issues.

The error basically means that at some stage during the save process there was an issue writing or reading data. That could be a tiny blip in your network or the internet or simply the hardware. This can lead to unreadable files.
As has been said many times, you may go your entire working life saving to a network location without an issue, but 99% of people complaining that their file is ‘Unrecognized file format’ or ‘Cannot read file’ or ‘file corrupt’, have been found to be saving to network locations.

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Thanks all, for your help.