Normalise a dislocated plane

Does anyone know of a tool that can normalise a floating plane. Sometimes a piece of model can become skewed in xyz space and trying to get it coplanar to say the xy plane can take a lot of fiddly time rotating. I found it difficult and time wasting but schwepps happens

here’s an example, try to get the face of the shape coplanar with xy

I drew in the face normal from the excellent Fredo tools thinking it might help

odd plane.skp (100.7 KB)
Maybe there’s a plug in lurking somewhere?



Only needs a few clicks.

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In addition to Boxs suggestion: two rotations around every two perpendicular rotational axis will do the trick.

The group seems to have its face aligned to two of the group’s axes.
Here’s a simple, yet different solution:

  • inside the group’s context (right click on the face and select ‘Align Axes’ in the context menu).
  • still inside the group save a scene to capture the correct axes.
  • outside the group select the saved scene (with its axes).
  • copy the group to clipboard.
  • right click on an axis in empty space and reset the axes.
  • place the group (from clipboard) and it will have its face aligned with the systems axes as desired.

This means that SketchUp did all the hard work for you.

In a somewhat similar way ( with temporary axes aligned to the face and then saved in a scene) this can also be done even if the group’s axes weren’t aligned to the face. It requires to temporarily make a component from it.

Right on Box

BUT I would have had to know about using the arrow key with rotate tool, which, unitl I came across the D’oh book from Rich in sketucation, I only found this trick yesterday, which makes it a pop. without this tip its a pita

Wodan this will only work for a single model, if you have 2+ with the rest being ok on axis, then you wont want to change the global axis.

But I suppose you could normalise axis for the model in question, cut and paste to a new space, reset the original space , erase the crooked model and import the normalised model

For anyone who hasn’t seen it, this is a must read 80 embarrassing tips you didn’t know - free dl from R’oB



I didn’t use any arrow keys in that animation.

I don’t see any drawback in temporarily changing axes (taken from a group/component or from one of its/their faces) to get them saved in a scene. To then do the desired manipulation. SketchUp won’t fool itself doing the “rotation” job for you. You’ll need as many saved different scenes as you have different orientations you’re dealing with for “rotations”.
But then again, it’s just one of various methods. One tend to forget that different drawing axes can be stored in different scenes without messing up the entire model.