No such file to load?


I can’t get plugins to work. I get no such file to load. I disabled all the plugins I had all did not work and re-downloaded a new version of cut list. Any plugin I try does this.


Can you post the full error message?
Also, what version of SketchUp (full version number please) and what OS?
Can you name at least one so we can test and be sure that we are testing the same thing?


Does your username have special characters?


Guy, no special characters. 1st and 2nd initial + start of last name. Been using it since the mid 70’s logging into Unix computers with the phone company.

tt_su, I unzipped the entire cutlist folder into plugins. Now the plug in shows up but when clicked on it opens a "This Page Can’t be Displayed. I re-enabled another plugin and got
Error Loading File DBUR_LayerManager_v2_2_0.rb
C:/Program Files (x86)/SketchUp/SketchUp 2013/Plugins/DBUR_LayerManager_v2_2_0.rb:1: Invalid char `\003’ in expression
I am running Win 7 64bit and Sketchup make 13.


Error message about LayerManager is odd. The path should not go to DBUR_LayerManager_v2_2_0.rb. The version number should not be in the file name. The plugin downloads as a RBZ file. After installing DBUR_LayerManager_v2_2_0.rbz through Window > Preferences > Extensions > Install Extensions, you should have DBUR_LayerManager.rb and a folder labeled DBUR_LayerManager in SU’s Plugin directory.

How did you install Layer Manager?


I don’t remember. months ago after watching videos on designing a side table. I suppose I could delete it all and re-download (if I can find it). Bur I have similar problems with all plugins I try to install. See above, I got cut list installed? but it can’t be displayed. I don’t know how to do Window > Preferences > Extensions > Install Extensions. I finally found where it is, but how do you get the plugin in there to install it?


There are several different ways to install plugins - from ‘manually’ moving files into SU’s Plugins directory, to using the Install Extension button, to using the Extension Warehouse from inside of SU, to using SketchUcation’s plugin manager. It depends on how the plugin was set up to be installed - and that has changed over the years.

Layer Manager can be downloaded from Ruby Library Depot and it probably is on SketchUcation’s Plugin forum too. The latest version will come to you as a RBZ file (a renamed ZIP file.)

When you get a RBZ file, in SU go to Window > Preferences > Extensions and click on Install Extension. Navigate to where you downloaded the RBZ file and selection it and OK the installation. Does it work now (SU may need to be restarted, a pop-up should appear if that needs to be done.)

What needs to be determined is if there is an installation error, outdated plugin, or something else is going on. LInk us to where you are getting cutlist. A screen shot of your Plugin’s directory may be useful to see if you got all the parts (often a folder and RB file or just a rb file.)


OK , I got Layer Manager installed using Window > Preferences > Extensions > Install Extensions. But Cut List doesn’t work that way. Acording to the attached instructions, I should be able to just drop the .rb files into the Pluins folder. I unzipped it and got the cutlist.rb file and an Images folder. The images folder has a bunch of .rb and other files in it. I dropped all those into Plugins and nothing happens, not even an error message. How do I get Cutlist installed?


Cutlist is available on Extension Warehouse. If you have SketchUp 2013 or 2014, the best way to get extensions which are available from EW its to install them directly from the EW window in sketchUp.

Go to the Windows menu and choose “Extension Warehouse”. Then search for Cutlist and install from the extension details page. Note you need an EW account and must be logged in.

If you have SketchUp 8 or older, you can still download from a web browser and then install via Preferences->Extensions -> Install Extension button.

In general its best to use Extension Warehouse or some other tool to manage extensions. Back in the old days folks had to manually unzip files into a folder but that work flow is completely unnecessary for modern extensions which can be installed directly off Extension Warehouse or The SketchUcation Store.



Thanks a bunch - got it. And just what I needed. I have to know the software for my CNC and 3D stuff - there is not much room left in my brain, to knowing this helps a lot.


hi, in this program the dimensions are not what I need, how can I modify them to enter the dimensions of the boards that I have and those who do not have the basic program?

thanks in advance to those who can give me some help

Gianluca Randazzo.



Please start a new thread and do not post your question at the end of an older thread that has a topic that has nothing to do with the subject of your question.
Are you looking for the Window menu>Model Info>Units dialog?



I did not mean to sketchup, but cutlist, the extension “cutlist” I only have 5 sizes of boards and I would add to those other measures.
I wrote here because it seemed the appropriate discussion, excuse me if I’m wrong.